ArhKonTur Final Conference

Join us at the ArhKonTur Final Conference on January 20th 2021 at 14:00 CET where Prof. Hrvoje Potrebica will present the Iron Age Danube Route!
About the event:
The conference will present results of the project for educating new tourist guides specialized for archaeological sites in Croatia, and host experts in the fields of tourism, cultural management and heritage interpretation, thus providing space for discussion on cultural and archaeological tourism in our changing times.
The event is divided into two main themes, archaeological tourism and interpretation of archaeological sites as part of Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe.
We are pleased to welcome distinguished international speakers from diverse areas of expertise, Alessandra Priante, Regional Director for Europe at UNWTO, Greg Richards, professor at Tilburg University, the leading expert in the fields of cultural and creative tourism, award-winning historian, author and broadcaster Bettany Hughes and Stefano Dominioni, Director at the European Institute of Cultural Routes for the Council of Europe.
The ArhKonTur project is concerned with a very specific issue of specialized guiding principles in presenting archaeological sites, special interest guiding and heritage interpretation organized as an education programme for vulnerable groups.
It is closely linked to archaeological tourism, cultural tourism, creative tourism and especially applicable for archaeological Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe, in line with the UNWTO Kyoto Declaration, the CoE Santiago de Compostela Declaration, principles of the ICOMOS Interpretation Charter as well as other relevant documents supporting sustainable cultural tourism and responsible and inclusive interpretation of heritage sites.
The target group consists of unemployed people over the age of 54 and under the age of 25, who owing to the specialized training provided by experts from both the archaeological and tourism sector gained competences for organizing specialized tours on archaeological sites in seven different counties of Croatia.
This contributes to the promotion of cultural heritage often overlooked by tourists and provides the basis for further specialized trainings on innovative practices in cultural tourism and heritage interpretation.



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