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The IADR Association is a non-governmental, non-profit, cultural organization dedicated to the promotion, research, protection and sustainable development of the Iron Age heritage in the Danube region.

Founded in 2020 on a strong network of international expert institutions from Austria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia, the Association serves as platform through which the established partnership can work on making the Iron Age cultural heritage more visible and accessible while, at the same time, creating economic and cultural added value for locals communities inhabiting it today.

One of the major goals of the Association, guided by high standards of protection, research and presentation of archaeological heritage, is to connect and promote the Danube region, along with the sites and museums in which their common heritage is located and kept, primarily through the development and management of the Iron Age Danube Route.

The Association, based in Zagreb (Croatia), doesn’t focus only on maintaining its already established partner network, but is very keen on expanding it, both geographically (to other countries and regions included in the EU Strategy for the Danube region) and institutionally (by incorporating a broad range of institutions, NGO’s and authorities dealing with research, promotion and protection of Iron Age heritage).

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