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Art Kamp 2018 (Lent Festival)_Archaeolog
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Art Kamp 2018 (Lent Festival)_Archaeolog

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The Iron Age Danube Route enhances the Danube Region’s archaeological heritage of the last millennium BC (approx. 800 BC – 0). This was a period of major technological and social changes, which also influenced the landscapes in an unprecedented way. Along the Iron Age Danube Route, travellers can discover archaeological and open-air museums, reconstructed houses and tumuli, as well as archaeological trails.

Follow the Iron Age Danube Route and immerse yourself into the landscapes of the past!

Impressive burial mound cemeteries, flat cemeteries, fortified hilltop settlements and grand oppida, as well as the exquisite archaeological finds are waiting to be rediscovered.

Iron Age Danube Route is a part of Routes4U project

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